July 9th, 2008

We met at 7:00PM on July 9th, 2008.

We met at Volt Technical Resources (7490 Opportunity Rd Suite 303 (3rd floor), San Diego, CA 92111).


  • ortelius@gmail.com gave a talk on GeoDjango and related topics in Geospatially oriented Python (specifically the OSGeo stack) and perhaps a bit about Mobile Python on S60. There is some chatter in the tubes about a port of django to run on S60 devices with Nokias Mobile Web Server. Also, it would be great to discuss iPhone python with the group. If anyone would like some links for background info on all this, shoot me a mail.

  • Ted talked about pinax.


O'Briens is right around the corner from Volt, so we adjourned there for a round after the meeting.

Special thanks

Volt hosted and picked up the tab for the meeting. Many thanks, Volt!

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